Care and surgical procedures.
Your larynx is as unique as the sound that makes your voice. I specialise in providing the special care it needs.

Laryngology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders, diseases and injuries of the larynx. Laryngologists typically treat disorders and diseases that affects the voice, swallowing or upper airway. Laryngologists provide care (diagnosis and treatment) for both routine and complex problems that affect the voice.

Voice Changes

Approximately five percent of children experience a chronic voice disorder. A voice disorder is when the quality of a person’s voice is noticeably different to the voices of others who are the same age and sex. Children with voice disorders may have harsh or hoarse voices, or voices that are too high or low, too loud or too nasal.

Swallowing Disorders

Swallowing difficulties (also known as dysphagia) can affect children of all ages. Children with swallowing difficulties may find it hard to eat and drink safely. They are also at an increased risk of medical complications such as aspiration pneumonia (chest infections).

Throat Operations

Panendoscopy and microlaryngoscopy are examinations of the larynx, or voice box includes as well as examination of the throat and upper oesophagus, and possibly the trachea.